About us

The scientific specialist society
for progress in oncology.

Founded in the spring of 2008, DIKH is a charitable, private, non-profit and independent organization registered in accordance with the German law (as e.V). DIKH is the first German / European-Iranian oncology professional society & cancer aid organization aiming to promote scientific progress and support cancer patients.

Committed to helping cancer patients and their families.

The earliest proposal for the establishment of German-Iranian Cancer Society was made in 2005. Helping Iranian cancer patients in Germany and Iran as well as scientific exchange between healthcare professionals of two countries were the key concepts underpinning the foundation of German-Iranian Cancer Society.

Under the motto “helping and educating”, we devote ourselves to helping cancer patients of all ages living in Germany and Iran by providing consultations, information and active assistance.

Our goals

To reduce prevalence through prevention.

To use early detection as a means of increasing tumour patients’ chances of survival.

To continually improve medical care for patients living in Iran.

Success stories and news

Through the development of the German-Iranian networks, we’ve already been able to achieve a number of successes:

  • Tangible support for med. institutions and experts in Iran (in accordance with their requirements and needs)
  • Awareness-raising and cooperation with German institutions and experts for the support of shared med. projects, patient care and quality of care.
  • Support for pharmacological provision of patients and institutions in Iran
  • Supporting the DKMS and other bone marrow donor databases in order to increase the chances of finding a suitable stem cell donor for Iranian leukaemia patients in Iran, Germany and other countries.
  • Exchange, further education and specialisation of Iranian physicians and experts at German and international medical institutions

Our team

Amir Roughani
Amir Roughani
Josef Oswald
Josef Oswald
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Dr. Nassim Norouzi MD
Dr. Nassim Norouzi MD
Board of Directors

Our ambassadors

Cancer aid builds an important bridge between Germany and Iran. I value the work done by this organisation very highly and am happy to offer my assistance wherever it is needed.

Bernd Erbel
Bernd ErbelAmbassador, ret.

I was born in Tehran, so I still feel a strong connection to the people of Iran. I am always glad to support charitable projects. My meeting with Kianush is something I'll never forget.

Sandra Ahrabian
Sandra AhrabianPresenter

As the daughter of Iranian parents, I have very close ties to the country. The work that the Cancer Society does is very important to me, so I support the work of this organisation whenever I can.

Nina Moghaddam
Nina MoghaddamPresenter