Ways you can help us

Thank you very much for choosing to help us with your donation. We are financed exclusively through donations. You and only you decide how much and how often you would like to donate. We are thankful for every Euro and can assure you that it will go exclusively towards the pursuit of our stated goals.

If you would like to support us on a long-term basis, we recommend you also consider becoming a member of the German-Iranian Cancer Society.

Donations are used for the following:

  • Organisation and transport of donated items
  • Implementation of preventive measures
  • Translation of informative literature into Farsi
  • Reliable support following the diagnosis
  • Personal contact during therapy
Our bank account

You’d like to make the transfer or set up a standing order on your own? Here is our account for donations:

Deutsch-Iranische Krebshilfe e.V.
Bank: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank
IBAN: DE93 3006 0601 0007 483392

Click here to download the debit authorisation form to be filled out and mailed back to us.

Of course, we will gladly provide you with a donation receipt, so you can make your donation tax-deductible. Donations of up to EUR 200.00 can be submitted to the tax office with a bank deposit slip or bank statement. Please, provide your postal address in the reference field. You will then automatically receive a donation receipt by mail.

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